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The horrors of the French Revolution

Posted by The Black Baron on October 8, 2010 at 8:00 PM


( The reader should be informed that this article contains disturbing information.)

In todays world we are taught that the French Revolution that was some courageous uprising peasants against their aristocratic oppressors. Anyone who does not conform with this view of this historical event is blacklisted as some backwards elitist. However the French Revolution was no romantic uprising as some would have you believe. It was in fact one of the most barbaric events in human history. 

In 1793 there was a Royalist uprising in Vendee against the Jacobin tyrants. These men were not aristocrats but farmers who were still loyal to God,King and country. For other a year they fought on bravely. In the end however they were outnumbered and outgunned. The Revolutionaries had no intention on showing mercy to the citizens of Vendee. Revolutionary soldiers engaged in many sadistic games with innocent civilians. One of there favorite past times was to  slice open pregnant women in order to chop their unborn children into pieces and then let the mothers bleed to death. Another popular practice was to throw children out of windows into a group of soldiers with bayonets. These people were filled with so much bloodlust that Commander Grignon gave the order that everyone they met was to be immediately killed, even if they were supporters of the Revolution. 

While these people were sick because of their disgusting sadistic pleasures, their sexual lusts were not much better. Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn described the French Revolution as one huge sadistic sex orgy. In Les Mans women and girls were dragged out into the streets where their clothes were torn off and they were raped. However the Revolutionary soldiers were not satisfied with that. Corpses were violated as well. In Noyades in the Loire , men and women tied together naked and then thrown alive into the river. After being beheaded, decapitated bodies would be taken in put into vulgar sexual positions. There is no better word to describe it than " One huge sadistic sex orgy ".

One can clearly see that the French Revolution was not a glorious event but a disgusting massacre of innocents by sick twisted people. It is interesting to point out that only 8% of the victims of the reign of terror were Aristocrats. The majority of the victims were people who were neither wealthy nor powerful. They were just unlucky to get in the way of these Barbarian hordes. The revolutionary soldiers were not heroes ! They were demented freaks who got pleasure from shoving women and children into oven and burning them to death. Let us honor not these cowards , but let us honor the heroes of Vendee instead.         Vive le Roi!

                                           - Black Baron

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Reply Bretwalda
11:20 AM on October 9, 2010 
The French Revolution always baffles me. What did they achieve? Depose an absolute king, five years of terror followed by an autocratic "emperor". It is always held up as a beacon of liberty, yet to me it is a perfect example of what can go awry when (false) equality and democracy become bed partners.
Reply L'Aiglon
11:49 PM on October 10, 2010 
As Napoleon said "I saw the crown of France lying on the ground, and picked it up with a sword."
The Revolution was indeed a traumatic and terrible process, and I thank God Napoleon was there to pick up the pieces and save France from its own self. He was better than the alternative (which we sadly have now).
Reply David
5:24 PM on May 17, 2011 
Very disturbing. Rather wish I hadn't read it. That thing they did with the pregnant woman was done in our time by Cadafi, Dictator of Libya. Only his soldiers don't only go as far as that! They bet on the gender outcome!
Awful! Just Awful!